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PerlNet, the Australian and New Zealand Perl portal is announcing its doors open to the world. PerlNet is focused on all aspects of Perl in Australia and New Zealand, including user-groups, business, education and development. The content of PerlNet can be freely edited and distributed, and the site uses MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia.

PerlNet's goal is to be a resource for all users of Perl, and to bring the community together to collaborate and share ideas. Businesses that support Perl are encouraged to list themselves in the Business Directory, likewise businesses looking to hire Perl programmers may find the Developers for hire page useful. User-groups are encouraged to host their pages and content. Everyone is encouraged to write about their projects and experiences.

Get involved!

Check out PerlNet at http://perl.net.au/ to find out what's going on. We encourage you to be bold in your edits to make the site a better resource for everyone.

Page edits currently require an account, registration is free and only takes a few seconds. Having an account means that you can view all of your contributions, mark pages that you wish to keep an eye on, create your own special user page and receive messages on your talk page.

Benefits of using PerlNet

For Individuals:

For Businesses:

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