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Websites have rapidly become one of the defining features of the Internet, and to many lay-persons the terms 'web' and 'Internet' are often used interchangeably. Websites have become the first point of contact for many businesses and organisations to the public. It should come as no surprise that most technical professionals will become involved in website development at some stage in their career.

One thing which is clear in many people's minds is that not all websites are created equal. Sites with good layout, easy navigation, and adherence to standards are significantly more usable than sites with poor layout, confusing navigation, and a lack of standards support. However while one can rapidly gain a feel as to whether a website is good or bad, designing an effective website is a much more challenging task.

To learn more about a great Perl tool for making effective website development easy read the conference paper.

Slides for the corresponding lecture are also provided. These slides use HTML::Mason to generate the navigational menu (click on the X) to see more, mark up the sample code and provide examples.

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