Perl Training Australia - Presentations

Below are notes, conference papers, and slides of some of the talks and presentations made by Perl Training Australia staff members at conferences and user-group meetings.

Putting it all together
Jacinta Richardsion, June 2012.
Not common enough code optimisations
Jacinta Richardson, 29 January 2008.
What's New in Perl 5.10
Paul Fenwick, 7 December, 2006.
Whirlwind Web Development (using HTML::Mason)
Paul Fenwick, 11 March, 2005.
Class::DBI — How to avoid writing code
Jacinta Richardson, 13 April 2005.
Database access controls with DBD::Proxy and DBI::ProxyServer
Jacinta Richardson, 2 December 2004.
What's new in Perl 5.8.5?
Paul Fenwick, 13 August 2004
Paul Fenwick, 13 August 2003
A brief introduction to Date::Manip
Paul Fenwick, 12 February 2003.
What's new in Perl 5.8.0?
Paul Fenwick, 8 September, 2002.
Tricks with DBI and Transactions
Paul Fenwick, 8 May, 2002.
Redispatch in Perl -
Paul Fenwick, 13 February, 2001.
Using strict
Paul Fenwick, 13 February, 2001.

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