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At Perl Training Australia, it's easy to tell that our courses are the best quality available, as most of our training manuals are available on-line.

Our manuals provide in-depth coverage of the topics they discuss and are constantly revised to keep their information correct and up-to-date. Manuals are printed on demand to give our attendees the best coverage possible. Our manuals also include extensive references to further materials in books, Perl documentation and on-line resources.

Course attendees receive spiral bound copies of the manuals, and are entitled to free notification of updates.

Full copies of our training manuals can be found below.

Having trouble downloading our notes? Please use our contact page to let us know.

Please Note:

If you wish to link to any of our course notes, please link to this page rather than to the notes directly.

Historical notes

The following course notes are no longer maintained as their content is included in other courses listed above.

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