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If you have not previously submitted a job through this website please read our Perl Job Guidelines. Please note that only jobs for Australia and New Zealand will be accepted.

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Time to be specific. If it's web development do you use HTML::Mason, Catalyst, CGI::Application or just classical DBI, DBIx::Class or Class::DBI? How much experience is needed here - basic familiarity, or regular user?
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What will the employee be doing most days?
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How many others are there in the team that the applicant will be working with?
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Software your developers use every day. Version control, bug tracking, test automation?
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How do you develop your code? Do you use the Waterfall Model, Spiral Model, Rapid Prototyping, Agile (includes Extreme Programming), Test Driven Development, some mix of these, or none of these? Is code just written on demand with no formal process?
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Often people will make judgements on which jobs to respond to based on who is hiring more than what jobs are available.

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e.g. "Government", "Education", "Financial Services". See our list of businesses in our Why use Perl? for some examples.
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Describe the working environment for this employee. How are your employees treated? Are thre free drinks or snacks? Is there lots of natural light? Are meetings kept short, avoided, or detailed? What do you do well?
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The Joel Test is a twelve-question (three minute) measure of the quality of your software team.

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