Perl Training Australia - Programming Perl

Trainers: Paul Fenwick
Jacinta Richardson
Length:5 days
Notes: Course notes
Target Audience: Programmers who wish to learn Perl or consolidate their understanding of it. This course is applicable to both those just starting to learn Perl and those who are intermediate Perl programmers without formal training.

This course assumes knowledge of basic programming concepts such as loops, conditionals and variables.

This course covers Perl's fundamentals to give an existing programmer sufficient knowledge of Perl to work on most projects.

The first half of this course will introduce the Perl programming language, discuss Perl's variable types, functions, operators, conditionals and subroutines. Once you grasp Perl's basics, the second half will build on that knowledge to cover I/O, complex data structures, file system interaction, modules, packages and objects.

You will learn:

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