Perl Training Australia - Perl Best Practices

Trainer: Damian Conway
Length:2 days
Target Audience: Perl programmers who work as part of a development team or who simply wish to write better, more reliable, more maintainable code. This course is suitable to all levels of Perl skill.

Dr Damian Conway, celebrated Perl speaker, luminaire, and author of Object Oriented Perl (Manning) and Perl Best Practices (O'Reilly), presents a two-day course that explores maintainable, robust, and efficient coding practices in Perl.

One of the major challenges of using Perl in a development environment is that Perl's "More Than One Way To Do It" philosophy often means there are far too many choices when it comes to solving a particular problem with the language. This makes coding standards and the use of best-practice techniques especially important in Perl development.

This course covers best practices for:

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