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Perl Training Australia believes that the best way to teach Perl is to allow participants to experiement with each new concept as it is taught. As a result, these are hands-on courses, with participants using the provided workstations to complete a number of programming exercises throughout the day.

In order to ensure we can cover all the course material, we ask that attendees arrive on time.

All courses run from 9am to 5pm. There will be breaks for morning and afternoon teas as well as a 60 minute break for lunch. Lunch will be provided.

Course Pre-Requisites

All courses list their Target audience. Attendees whose Perl skills are rusty are advised to practice up to the level mentioned in this section. Otherwise they may find the course unduly challenging.

Course Materials

Each course participant will receive the following during the course:

Many of our course attendees are on our courses in order to learn enough to solve a specific problem. In these cases we encourage you to bring along your problem as we're happy to offer advice during break times. In the case where you are learning Perl in order to maintain some existing Perl programs we're happy to walk you through that source code and explain any clever stuff.

Bookings Policy

Course places are limited to 12 participants for each course. Bookings are taken on a first-come, first served basis. Should we be unable to accept your booking for a course we would be delighted to keep you informed of later courses.

For more information, see our bookings policy.


Training center locations can be found our our locations page.

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