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If you need training for a large group, can't find a suitable course on our training calendar, or have people with special skills or timelines, then a corporate course may be for you.

One of our trainers will come to your organisation, with a time and date that suits you. Training can be performed using your in-house facilities, or we can arrange a training centre to suit your needs. Our trainers are happy to travel internationally, including to Singapore and New Zealand, to meet your Perl training needs.

On-site training costs start from $2750 AUD per day for courses conducted by Paul Fenwick or Jacinta Richardson, and $5500 AUD per day for courses conducted by Dr Damian Conway. Airfare and ancillary fees may apply. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Advantages of booking a corporate course

There are many clear advantages in booking an corporate course.

Cost-effective solutions
On-site training provides a significant saving over public course attendance when training 5 or more attendees.
Training when you want it
On-site courses can be booked to suit your timetable. If you'd like to spread your courses over many weeks, or condense them into a number of consecutive days, we're willing to work with you.
Training where you want it
Our trainers are happy to travel anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore to provide training to your organisation.
Discounts available
Perl Training Australia is proud to offer discounts for bookings of 5 or more days of training. Training credits can be purchased for future use. We also offer a 20% discount on Perl text books when purchased with the course booking.
Customised courses
An on-site course can be customised to suit your organisation's needs. Courses can be condensed into fewer days, or expanded to focus more on particular modules. Chapters from several courses can be brought together to provide a new course just for you.
Topic emphasis
In an on-site course you get to choose which chapters are most important to your business. This allows the trainer to focus on the skills your staff need whilst still covering the essential material.
Issues solving
Our trainers are happy to help you solve any company-specific problems you have had with Perl. For example, if you've recently acquired a Perl project and can't quite work out what's happening in the code, we'd be delighted to address these issues, confidentially, during the course.
All of our courses are designed to be enjoyable for all course attendees.

If you would like more information on a corporate course, then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs and to obtain an obligation-free quote, or use the form below.

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