Perl Training Australia - Intermediate Perl 2/e

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Author(s):Randal L Schwartz, brian d foy & Tom Phoenix
Recommended Retail Price:$65.95
Perl Training Australia's Price:$52.76


Perl programmers need a clear roadmap for improving their skills. Intermediate Perl teaches a working knowledge of Perl's objects, references, and modules - all of which makes the language so versatile and effective. Written by the authors of the bestselling Llama book, Learning Perl, this guide offers a controlled introduction to intermediate programming in Perl. Topics include packages and namespaces, references and scoping, manipulating complex data structures, writing and using modules, package implementation, and using CPAN. Intermediate Perl follows the successful format of O'Reilly Learning books: each chapter is small enough to be read in just an hour or two and ends with a series of exercises to help the reader practice each new skill. This book will take Perl programmers to the next level.

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