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Discount Offer

Perl Training Australia is happy to make the following books available to its course attendees. Course attendees may order these books with our courses and receive a 20% discount off recommended retail.

For more information on this special, please see our Specials page.

Early Bird Special

Where a course is booked by the Early Bird Special date, the course attendee is entitled to one free book per course from the selection below. If you wish to order additional books to take advantage of the discount offer, the most expensive book(s) will be counted as your free book(s) .

For more information on this special, please see our Specials page.

Ordering Books

These books have been selected to represent the best in their field and are recommended by Perl Training Australia.

To order any of these books just add them to your order when you make your booking. If you would like to order multiple copies of any book please mention that in the comments box.

Other books may be available upon request. If your preferred book is not on this list, please contact us.

Title Author(s) Recommended Retail Price Discounted Price Delivery Notes
Programming Perl 4/e Larry Wall, Tom Christansen & Jon Orwant $65.00 $52.00  
Perl Best Practices Damian Conway $69.95 $55.96  
Perl Cookbook 2/e Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington $75.95 $60.76  
Learning Perl 6/e Randal L Schwartz, Tom Phoenix & brian d foy $47.95 $38.36  
Intermediate Perl 2/e Randal L Schwartz, brian d foy & Tom Phoenix $65.95 $52.76  
Mastering Perl Brian D Foy $65.95 $52.76  
Advanced Perl Programming 2/e Simon Cozens $59.95 $47.96  
Object Oriented Perl Damian Conway $61.95 $49.56 *
Mastering Algorithms with Perl Jon Orwant; Jarkko Hietaniemi; Jon MacDo $75.00 $60.00 *

* Delivery Notes

While Perl Training Australia makes every effort to get these books to you in a timely manner, sometimes the books have to be ordered direct from the publishers. In these cases books can take as long as 8 weeks to arrive in Australia.

Books marked with an asterisk in the above table tend to be delayed more often than those not marked.

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