Perl Training Australia

Perl Training Australia provides quality training courses in all aspects of the Perl programming language. Our expert trainers specialise in Perl and are actively involved in the development of new features and modules.

Perl Training Australia runs general enrolment courses on a regular basis in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. We also offer courses in other capital cities and major regional centres on occasion. Perl Training Australia is always happy to run courses on site, customised to your needs and schedule.

Visit our bookings page to book on one of our publicly enrolable courses.

You can find more information about how to book a course for your organisation on our corporate courses page.

Upcoming courses

Location Course Course Date Duration Early Bird Date Cost Bookings
Sydney Programming Perl Monday 9th March 2015 5 days 9th Feb 2015 $3700 Book now
Melbourne Programming Perl Monday 27th April 2015 5 days 27th Mar 2015 $3700 Book now

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